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We’re not interested in holding onto your vehicle, just the title. Keep driving your car while you make your payments and you’ll receive your title back in the mail.

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How Miami Title Loans Work

Are you struggling to live paycheck to paycheck? Are you in need of some extra cash once in awhile? Do you need that extra money now? But do you have poor credit that keeps you from getting credit cards or bank loans?

Well... do you own a car?

Title Loans in Miami are a special kind of loan available to individuals who own cars, motorcycles, boats, or other similar vehicles. Like any other kind of loan, a title loan can provide some extra cash for anyone in a financial bind. But unlike any other kind of loan, a title loan is not given on the basis of how high your credit score is or your ability to make payments on the loan.

With Twin Lakes Lending car title loans, the loan acts in the same way as a pawn. Rather than determining how much you can receive based on your previous financial history, a title loan uses the overall worth of your vehicle to set the loan amount.

A title loan is solidified by exchanging the title of the car, motorcycle, or other vehicle for the loan. While the loan is still out, Twin Lakes Lending will hold onto the title as you continue to make payments on the loan and your debt goes down. Once the loan amount and any interest that has accumulated has been successfully paid off, your car title will be returned to you.

For the duration of the title loan, your car acts as collateral for the deal. Instead of using your credit score or financial history as reassurance that you will pay off your debts as standard bank loan would, your car acts as a promise that the money will be returned.

Even while your loan is out, you still are entitled to keeping and driving your car. While we hold the title, your car is still yours to use freely and however you wish. But with a title loan in Miami, it is important for Twin Lakes Lending to hold onto the physical title to prevent things like a sale of the car or other circumstances that could affect the loan that is out.

As with any other kind of loan, a repayment agreement will be made at the start of the loan. This agreement includes things like payment due dates, interest rates, and expectations of the loan will be laid out for both parties. Because a title loan is a mutual agreement between the two parties, it is expected that you make your payments regularly and on time.

Most car title loans are short term agreements, but once your loan is paid off and your title returned to you, you are free to take out another loan if need be.

Please be aware that your car could face repossession if you are forced to default on your car title loan.


If you believe a car title loan is the right decision for you, the first step you need to take is to fill out an application. With Twin Lakes Lending, the application process is simple, pain-free, and can be completed entirely online.

The first step of the application process is to determine how much you may be able to receive from a car title loan. Using information about your car, including the year, make, model and mileage, Twin Lakes Lending can give you a free quote. If you’re happy with this amount, you’re ready to move forward.

With title loans Miami, the amount of money you receive from a car title loan is not determined by your credit score or ability to pay back the loan. Instead, we use the value of your vehicle to give you a loan that fits a fraction of the automobile’s overall worth.

To fill out an application online, you will need to provide the year, make, model and mileage of your car. The application will also ask you to include some contact information about yourself so that a loan representative can contact you and finalize the details.

Speaking with a loan representative is the final step in the application process. Once we contact you, we will be available to answer any questions you may have about the title loan process, determine the final amount of the loan, and create a repayment plan for the loan. When the application process is finalized, you can receive your loan money in under 24 hours.


At Twin Lakes Lending, we understand how difficult it can be when money gets tight. Without another place to turn, you might risk eviction from your home, another late fee on a credit card or overdue bill, or your bank account might just get too close to zero for your comfort. Regardless of your financial situation or what you need some extra financing for, we’ve seen the life-changing power that a car title loan in Miami can bring to a someone struggling.

We believe that your ability to get some extra money when you need it shouldn’t be determined by your financial history or credit score. When times get tough or you’re just short on the cash you need, Twin Lakes Lending can provide you with the loan that you need to make a payment, buy a gift, or just keep your head above water.

Located right in the heart of Miami, Twin Lakes Lending helps the inhabitants of our beautiful city get the extra money they need through title loans. If you believe that a title loan is the right decision for you and your situation, you can give us a call at (305) 742-0726 or stop in Monday through Friday between 9 am and 5 pm to talk with a loan representative. We are conveniently located at 2967 NW 62nd Street.